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What a wonderful afternoon!

We hosted our eighth annual Soup's On yesterday, and more than 300 people crowded the hall to sample the 19 soup competitor's soups.

This year our competition was done in two sections, restaurants and organization. Two judges, Judy Keightley and Michael Potter, had to sample the soups without knowing who had made them. Judy judged the restaurant soups and Michael judged the organizations' tasty submissions.

We would like to express its gratitude to the restaurants and organizations that participated. The smells and tastes in the building were phenomenal! This event is definitely becoming one of the community highlights as demonstrated by the enormous turnout of taste testers! We are also beginning to notice that there are more out of town visitors dropping in as well.

Thank you as well to all the people who remembered to bring their mugs. Some even brought their own spoons which meant that we had minimal garbage. Even the soup bowls and spoons that we provided were compostable. Bayfield takes its environmental initiatives quite seriously and appreciates your support.

Bayfield Town Hall Soup's On