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Rental Conditions


*CLICK HERE to Download the 'General Conditions for the Use of the Bayfield Town Hall' along with the 'Rental Agreement' in PDF format. 

1. A damage deposit, hereafter referred to as “Deposit”, in proportion to the rental, is required at the time of the booking. The deposit will be retained until after the function has been held and the premises have been inspected by a Town Hall representative. The deposit will be returned if the Hall is free of damage, no theft has occurred, no excessive cleaning is required, no extra time supervision was needed, due in part to excessive noise. Extra charges (e.g. long distance calls, excess garbage) will be subtracted from the deposit. All garbage left behind will be charged at a rate of $6 per bag unless tags are purchased for $2 per tag. These extra charges will be assessed by the Town Hall representative.
The deposit is not part of your rental fee.

2. All rentals shall be paid in full before the Hall is made available.

3. The bar will close promptly at the time specified on the permit that you will obtain from the LCBO.

4. It is the responsibility of the renting party to obtain all licensing and permits for the sale or serving of alcoholic beverages at any function and licensed applicant must be present for the entire event.

5. It is the responsibility of the renting party to provide proof of Party Alcohol Liability insurance to the rental agent prior to any event where alcohol is being served.

6. All rules and regulations stipulated in any of the permits that may be required shall be followed (e.g. posting of permit, advertising, bar hours, serving of food, entrance of minors, smart serve...).

7. The applicant signing the agreement will be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons in attendance and to see that all persons adhere to the regulations in this agreement, including the regulation not to exceed capacity of building.

8. Please check with the Municipal Office re: need to contact the Building Inspector.

9. Request for access to the Hall for preparations must be arranged with the rental agent at the time of booking.

10. All alcoholic beverages, pop, ice, materials or merchandise brought into the building by the applicant (or appointee) will be their sole responsibility prior to, during, and after the function. The Town Hall Board or representative will not be held responsible for any loss by whatever means.

11. All Liquor and other supplies owned by the renting party must be removed from the premises when the bar closes or within rental period as arranged at the time of booking.

12. A Town Hall Board representative shall have the authority to close down any function and demand that all persons immediately leave the building if the conditions of this agreement are not adhered to or if the law is being broken and the licensing of this building is jeopardized in any manner.

13. Renter agrees to conform to all Municipality of Bluewater bylaws. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of event.

14. No outside music or excessive noise from 11pm - 7am.

15. Hall must be vacated by 1am

16. This agreement shall be subject to the following:
The Renter assumes all liability for all claims arising as a result of damage to property, or injury or death to persons, (the ward of Bayfield), The Municipality of Bluewater, its servants, agents, employees, customers or tenants, or their guests, resulting either directly or indirectly from the Renter’s negligence. The use by the Renter of the facilities of The Bayfield Town Hall shall be at the sole risk of the Renter and the Renter covenants to indemnify and save harmless the Bayfield Town Hall, The Bayfield Town Hall Board members, the Municipality of Bluewater, its servants, agents, or employees, against any claim for loss or damage arising out of the use of The Bayfield Town Hall.

17. Payment Terms:
Full payment due on rental date, as well as damage deposit. Weddings and weekend events, 50% of contract as well as damage deposit due at time of booking. Balance due on event date. No refund of contract deposit if event cancelled within 60 days of event.

18. The Bayfield Town Hall is not responsible for any personal items left in the Hall.

19. The Bayfield Town Hall discourages the use of bottled water. 

20. WiFi Password: TBTH1882

21. SoCan fees are licensing fees that the Bayfield Town Hall is obliged to charge renters having music and/or dancing at their events. Bayfield Town Hall then resubmits this fee to SoCan