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Our History

The Bayfield Town Hall was built in 1882, then moved to its present location on Clan Gregor Square in 1920.  It was the seat of village government from that date until 1927 and again from 1965 to 1984 at which point, the aging building was closed and in disrepair. 

Bayfield Historical Plaque 

In 1989 a committee was formed to restore the Town Hall. Many of the residents of Bayfield had fond memories of the Town Hall as the centre of village life and were reluctant to see it disappear. The committee, then known as "The Friends of the Town Hall", included Michael Walker, Jamie Carr, Donna Westlake, Anne Waite, Gayle Waters, and Ed Oddleifson. Together they re-energized community interest in the building and, after several years of volunteer work, fundraising events, private donation, and grants, sufficient monies were raised to restore and maintain this historic building as a meeting and performance venue for the Village. The restoration maintained the integrity of the original structure, including keeping the former village jail which still remains, uninhabited, in the basement!

 Bayfield Town Hall

Today, the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society is a registered charity with a volunteer Board of Directors, responsible for its maintenance and upkeep with a mandate to provide cultural events and activities for the Village.   All of this is possible through the many fundraising events run by the Board as well as generous donations from Bayfield residents

Bayfield Town Hall Jail     

Our goal is to continue to maintain the Bayfield Town Hall through fundraising efforts and Hall Rentals.


Photos courtesy of the Huron County Library and the Clinton News Record.

Repairs to the Bayfield Town Hall
Movie Night Bayfield Town Hall 1956

Christmas Movie Night at the Town Hall in 1956

Town Hall siren

This is the Town siren being installed in 1965.