2018 Board Members

The Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society consists of community members with various backgrounds and strengths to assist in the development of the Town Hall as an integral, vibrant influence for the local community and continued maintenance of the building.

Our volunteers come together for monthly board meetings and committee meetings to discuss and plan as well as host many events that contribute to the livelihood and funding for the Town Hall.

President: Sandy Scotchmer
Co-President:  Patricia Baker
Treasurer: Nick Thomson
Secretary: Pat Pal

Committee Chairs:

Shelagh Sully
Nick Thomson
Grants: Sandy Scotchmer
Website/Social Media

Jennifer Wallace

2018 Cabaret:

 Paul Hill


    • Nick Thomson
    • Paul Hill
    • Jennifer Wallace
    • Patricia Baker
    • Sue Howell
    • Graham Wallace
    • Mike van Baardwyk
    • Sandy Scotchmer
    • Diane Snell